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Providing a mutually beneficial relationship between charities, donors and investors using the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

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GGIVE is a deflationary token, built on the Binance Smart Chain, that provides a unified digital currency platform as an innovative means of investing, fundraising and donating.

GGIVE rotates charities monthly, from international non-profits, to localised grass-roots causes. Each month, the charities are provided a platform to increase awareness and boost much needed funds without costly fees and delays associated with standard fiat donations.

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GGIVE evolved from a small group of defiant crypto enthusiasts to a broad and diverse body of talents dedicated towards making the cryptoverse a SAFU place for investors to generate wealth and encourage true altruism.

GGIVE is established upon the principle of transparency in both the cryptosphere and the charity space. 

Every member of our team is Given to charity and is fully doxed on all our platforms. 

Furthermore, our tokenomics ensures an organic growth of our token to facilitate our charity endeavours. Some important features of our token that differentiates us from the rest include: a progressive “toxic whale” tax, a bot killer tax, automatic liquidity pool (LP) generation, dedicated charity wallets, and static reflection

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GGIVE employs 3 simple functions



Investor Protection



Investor Protection

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